How different forms of handling I/O affect the performance, availability, and fault-tolerance of network applications.

Dealing with distributed systems is quite a difficult job. There could be numerous components developed by different teams over long periods. Human mistakes, such as shipping bugs or incorrectly configured parameters, happen routinely in large systems, no matter how excellent the engineering practices are. Hardware faults also regularly occur in large fleets. On top of that, unpredictable workloads and permutations of all possible states and conditions make it virtually impossible to foresee what might go wrong.

That’s why it’s essential to limit the blast radius to avoid cascading failures and amplified outages. …

A step-by-step guide on how to create an async I/O app in Rust.


This post is for anyone interested in writing performant and safe applications in Rust quickly. It walks the reader through designing and implementing an HTTP Tunnel and basic, language-agnostic, principles of creating robust, scalable, observable, and evolvable network applications.

Rust: performance, reliability, productivity. Pick three.

About a year ago, I started to learn Rust. The first two weeks were quite painful. Nothing compiled, I didn’t know how to do basic operations, I couldn’t make a simple program run. But step by step, I started to understand what the compiler wanted. Even more, I realized that it forces the right thinking and correct behaviour.

Yes, sometimes, you have to write seemingly redundant constructs. But it’s better not to compile a correct program than to compile an incorrect one. This makes making mistakes more difficult. …


Eugene Retunsky

I enjoy learning new technologies and working on ambiguous problems. My main focus is the availability, security, and performance of large distributed systems.

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